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Dr. Joel Umali Redlands Dentist

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Personalized Dental Treatment Plans

Dr. Joel Umali has been practicing for over twenty-five years. A graduate of Loma Linda School of Dentistry, Dr. Umali has spent many years in public health, performing dentistry for under-served populations within the Native American community. Throughout his dental career, Dr. Umali has maintained his philosophy that the best dentistry is derived from communication and listening to his patients. During each comprehensive exam, Dr. Umali takes extra time to listen to his patient’s concerns and then sits down and creates a personalized treatment plan based on his patient’s needs.

High Quality Dental Care

Discussing dental concerns is what Dr. Umali does best. When a treatment planned has been decided upon, appointments are carefully planned and more time is spent upon each procedure to ensure that his patients receive the highest quality dental care.